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  Rate Based on CT 500 U/C (10/01/2015)  

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Truckload Rate Request - Get a quote for truckload shipments in particular lanes.
Volume Rate Request - Get a quote on shipments with a volume of 19,900 lbs. or more.

Click here to view our rules tariff.

Create a Bill of Lading – Use this convenient form to create, and print a formatted bill of lading complete with your shipment information. Utilize our "Shipping Buddy" feature that saves frequent shipping information for easy and faster bill creation. You can also schedule a pickup right from the bill of lading!

Pickup Request – Schedule a pickup with this online form For more information or to speak with a customer service representative, call (586) 467-1900.

Rate quotes are based on information you provide. The actual charges shall be determined by actual shipment characteristics and any special services applicable at time of shipment as stated in our CTII 100 Rules Tariff.
The GO-CT Tariff is quoted in U.S. funds. The CTII 500 series is quoted in Canadian funds.

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