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POWER Across the Border

Welcome to Central Transport's Canadian shipping services:


  • Canada - View general information on Central Transport in conjunction with its Canada Service.
  • Service Map - View our U.S. and Canada Service Center locations as well as the border crossings.
  • Canada Contacts - Find phone numbers and addresses to Canada Contacts, or use the online email tool for your convenience.
  • Domestic Canada - Learn information on shipping within Canada
  • Documentation - Get shipping documentation and required information.
  • Customs - Learn the Canadian Customs terminology.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Answer questions regarding shipping to and from Canada. If your question is not asked, please send an email via the Canada Contacts page.
  • What's New - View upcoming events and new information regarding our Canada Service.
  • Brochure - View our informational flyer about our International Shipping services.


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