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File a Cargo Claim:

For ease of filing and to ensure all proper information is provided in your claim filing we have revised our Cargo Claim form in April 2013.

By properly filling out the complete form and providing the required support
  • Evidence of Paid Freight Charges
  • Verification of Cost
  • Inspection of damages (where necessary)
  • Proof of Loss
your claim will be properly supported with no need to return to the original filer as incomplete.
In addition, we have simplified the requirements for an inspection.

The new freight inspection form serves a dual purpose.

We are changing our requirements for when a 3rd party inspection is necessary.
The requirement for damage claims over $500 to be accompanied by an inspection is still the same, however, a claimant is able to complete a self-inspection with the attached form on claims $500-$5,000. If for some reason the claimant’s self-inspection is not sufficient we may still require a 3rd party inspection, but those occasions should be few and far between.

All claims over $5000 will still require a 3rd party inspection, as before.

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