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Warren, Michigan, February 12, 2008 - Central Transport is dedicated to providing each of our customers with the most innovative and value-driven supply chain solutions in the industry today.

Through a multi-million dollar investment CTII provides industry leading exception free handling of your shipments.

With our freight scanning and hand-held technology, combined with load decking and bar systems, we have positioned ourselves to be the LTL market leader for exception free performance.

Over the past twenty-four (24) months, while CTII has made these investments for our customers, we have maintained our value position in the marketplace. During this time we also introduced a money-back guarantee, requiring no UP-CHARGE to our customers.

One challenge that we continue to face is steady rise in fuel prices. The DOE National Diesel Price Average has increased by more than 22% over the past year.

We have worked diligently to generate efficiencies in all areas of our operation and control our costs. These efforts enable us to provide you with the most competitive base rates in the industry.

In order to help offset the rapid rise of diesel prices, we are implementing an absolute minimum fuel surcharge as part of our standard CTII FSC scale (CTII-100 Item 575). This minimum charge will be based on the DOE National Diesel Price Average. All other provisions of our standard FSC scale will remain unchanged.

The absolute minimum fuel surcharge will go into effect February 15, 2008.

Please ensure that your rate systems are updated accordingly. In order to supply you with easy access to rating and billing information, we have enhanced our corporate website. Visit www.centraltransportint.com today and sign-up for MyCentral to receive invoice information along with shipment delivery status updates.

Central Transport remains committed to serving you and investing in future growth.

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