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Warren, Michigan, July 28, 2009 - Central Transport announces 99.3% damage claim free ratio and 99.9% shortage claim free ratio.

Central Transport is a company focused on the quality and value we offer our customers. One way we do this is by ensuring that freight arrives in its original condition. Through our investments in technology and our continuous focus on quality, we now have the claims numbers to make you a believer.

99.3% damage claim free ratio

99.9% shortage claim free ratio

While our quality is outstanding and we are proud of the progress made so far, we will not rest until we are 100% damage and shortage free.

We take our role as a transportation solutions provider and business partner very seriously. Our constant focus on quality and our steadfast pledge to protecting shipments is unparalleled.

We recognize that we are not just moving freight through our transportation network, rather we are helping to fulfill the promises YOU have made to your customers. Put simply, when it comes to quality, Central Transport has zero tolerance for anything less than perfection.

Our goal is to become the leading provider of transportation solutions in the industry. We are highly motivated and have assembled the right mix of people, processes and technology to achieve this lofty goal. In addition to the improvements listed below, numerous initiatives are underway to ensure that quality is always a driving force at Central Transport.

• One of newest fleets in the industry.

• Significant capital investments to ensure trailer fleet is completely outfitted with load bars and our proprietary decking systems to protect shipments as they move across the country.

• Pioneered state-of-the-art shipment scanning technology to provide real-time, piece level visibility to shipments.

• Rigorously maintain and leverage operational best practices, such as “No Freight on Freight” policies and “Red Tape” shipment rescue programs.

For further information, contact Anne LeZotte:

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