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2016 RECAP

Warren, Michigan, December 2, 2016 - Central Transport is pleased to recap 2016 equipment and infrastructure purchases.

The Company purchased 100 Freightliner Daycabs, 24 Freightliner Straight Trucks, 75 International Daycabs, and 507 Peterbilt Daycabs, a total of 706 new tractors, representing 26% of the current fleet. 220 forklifts were also purchased, representing 15% of the current lift fleet. In the past three years, 600 lifts have been replaced – a total of 40% of this fleet.

Lastly in regards to equipment, 300 trailers were purchased to meet the immediate needs of rising freight volumes with additional new trailer purchases are planned for 2017.

These costly equipment investments are part of the Company’s continued commitment to safety, operational improvement, and overall customer satisfaction.

Similar investments were made in strategic network enhancements, to continue to build opportunities, while supporting current customers. In the past 9 months, six terminals were opened in the following locales.

TERMINAL/DATE OPENED: OSHAWA, ON 10/3/2016 WILKES-BARRE, PA 9/12/2016 COMPTON, CA 7/8/2016 COLTON, CA 7/5/2016 DURHAM, NC 6/6/2016 TALLAHASSEE, FL 4/18/2016

Lastly, the Company has opened ten overnight hubs, including the most recent facility in Tomah, WI which just opened this past Monday, 11/28. The overnight hubs are dedicated to alleviate the volumes in nearby Activity Centers, and enhance overnight service in strategic lanes.

The Company looks forward to announcing further purchases and improvements in the coming weeks.

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