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Overcharge claims must be filed within 180 days of delivery of shipment. Claims may be filed by submitting this form online. Please include CT Pro Numbers in all correspondence.

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Claim Information
    Date: 7/30/2021
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*Please assign a dedicated number for your reference. National Motor Freight Classification rules and CT rules governing the filing and documentation of overcharge claims are provided by clicking here.



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Tariff authority

All Class and Weight disputed claims must be supported by a packing slip, purchase order or product brochure.

DETAILED STATEMENT OF CLAIM - Please include full tariff authority and full discount information

Item 460

Procedures Governing the Processing, Investigation and Disposition of Overcharge and Duplicate Payment Claims

The provisions herein are similar to but differ in some significant ways from the provisions provided in the NMFC 100


The provisions set forth herein govern the processing of claims by CTII for overcharges and duplicate payments for the transportation of property in interstate or foreign commerce by CTII.

  1. "Overcharge", means an overcharge as defined in Sections 204a (6) and 406a (6) of the Interstate Commerce Act. It also includes duplicate payments as defined in paragraph (b),
  2. "Duplicate Payment" means two or more payments for transporting the same shipment. When one or more payment s is not in the exact amount of the applicable tariff rates and charges, refunds shall be made on the basis of the excess amount over the applicable tariff rates and charges.
  3. "Claimant" means any shipper or receiver, or its authorized agent, filing a request with CTII for the refund of an overcharge and/or duplicate payment.
Filing and Processing of Claims:
  1. A claim for overcharge or duplicate payment shall not be paid unless filed in writing or electronically communicated (when agreed to by the carrier and shipper or receiver involved) with the carrier that collected the transportation charges. The collecting carrier shall be the carrier to process all such claims. When a claim is filed with another carrier that participated in the transportation, that carrier shall transmit the claim to the collecting carrier within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the claim. I the collecting carrier is unable to dispose of the claim for any reason; the claim may be filed with or transferred to any participating carrier for final disposition.
  2. A single claim may include more than one shipment provided the claim on each shipment involves (1) the same tariff issue or authority or circumstances, (2) single line service by the same carrier, or (3) service by the same interline carriers. The ICC Termination Act of 1995 amended the Interstate Commerce Act by adding 49 U.S.C. 13710 (a)(3)(B) as follows: "If a shipper seeks to contest the charges originally billed or additional charges subsequently billed, the shipper may request that the Board determine whether the charges billed must be paid. A shipper must contest the original bill or subsequent bill within 180 days of receipt of the bill in order to have the right to contest such charges.
CTII Specific Exceptions and Methods of Payment:
  1. In all cases of claims filed with CTII for overcharges and/or duplicate payments and shipper or receiver (debtor) of the specific shipments involved has open invoices with CTII that are more than 60 days old, CTII will offset amounts determined due in such cases against outstanding amounts receivable from shipper or receiver (debtor).
  2. If a shipper or consignee (debtor) wishes to contest a freight bill he must do so within 180 days of its receipt of the freight bill. For purposes of this tariff and for claims filed with CTII, shipper's or consignee's (debtor's) receipt of the freight bill shall be deemed to be the lesser of the actual date of receipt or 10 days after the delivery date of the freight.
Inclusion of NMFC Provisions by Reference:

In addition to the specific provisions contained herein applicable specifically in connection with Central Transport LLC, in exception to NMFC provisions, all other provisions of the NMFC are applicable hereto and contained herein by reference thereto.

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